Jim Robins started Alnus Ecological in October of 2004 with the specific mission of supporting non-profits, municipalities, and agricultural landowners in developing defensible science to:

  • create coherent and accessible natural resource inventories
    and watershed plans;
  • develop and implement ecological restoration projects;
  • navigate the complex waters of environmental compliance; and
  • create strategic and innovative land-use planning tools.

Alnus Ecological is a sole proprietorship run and managed by Jim Robins. Jim has extensive experience in ecological restoration planning, riparian and stream ecology, salmonid ecology, rangeland management, land-use policy and environmental compliance. Much of his experience has focused on the synthesis and application of ecological data and principles to complex resource issues ranging from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dam re-licensing to the development of programmatic environmental compliance documents. The balance of Jim's work has been focused in Bay Area ecosystems, but he also brings experience from work in Southern California's Transverse Range and the Central Valley. In addition to the expertise and experience that Jim brings to a project, Alnus Ecological also maintains a consortium of project partners to bring additional skills to bear, when necessary. This consortium of partners includes highly qualified engineers, water resource specialists, wetland scientists, geomorphologists, hydrologists, biologists, planners, public involvement and facilitation specialists, and experts in resource law.